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Have an idea that you would like me to paint or draw? Look no further! Leave a deposit for a custom piece of artwork. Amount goes towards final bill. If you haven’t already contacted Luba about a commission and this is your first stop on the website, please fill out the Request Custom Artwork form below. Project scope timelines and details will be e-mailed to you. If you have already been in touch with Luba regarding custom artwork, all of the project scope details should have already been emailed to you. Sketches and preliminary artwork may or may not be included, as per the commission agreement with Luba.

Request Custom Artwork

Send Luba a Custom Artwork request form to begin the process of ordering commissioned artwork! We will choose an appointment date to meet in person, set project timelines, and agree upon the final work to be done. A quote will be drafted up during the visit, upon which a fifty percent (50%) deposit will be paid before the project begins.

Depending on the project scope and details, you may receive several sketches and a small tester painting or two as part of the Custom Artwork order. Smaller works typically do not need a small tester, but larger works will likely need one or two just to get the colours, composition and idea execution right.

Contact Form

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For full Commission information, please see the “Custom Artwork Commissions” section of the website

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Custom Artwork Form

For paintings, drawings, and sketches based on Art of Luba.

Choose painting size & price (Deposit is half the price of the chosen item)

4"x4" $100 Artwork Unframed, 4"x4" $220 Artwork Framed, 4"x6" $120 Artwork Unframed, 4"x6" $220 Artwork Framed, 6"x8" $165 Artwork Unframed, 6"x8" $265 Artwork Framed, 6"x6" $145 Artwork Unframed, 6"x6" $265 Artwork Framed, 8"x8" $195 Artwork Unframed, 8"x8" $295 Artwork Framed, 8"x10" $195 Artwork Unframed, 8"x10" $295 Artwork Framed, 9"x12" $225 Artwork Unframed, 9"x12" $325 Artwork Framed, 10"x10" $225 Artwork Unframed, 10"x10" $325 Artwork Framed, 12"x12" $300 Artwork Unframed, 12"x12" $400 Artwork Framed, 12"x16" $300 Artwork Unframed, 12"x16" $400 Artwork Framed, 12"x18" $325 Artwork Unframed, 12"x18" $425 Artwork Framed, 14"x14" $400 Artwork Unframed, 14"x14" $580 Artwork Framed, 14"x18" $400 Artwork Unframed, 14"x18" $630 Artwork Framed, 16"x16" $480 Artwork Unframed, 16"x16" $680 Artwork Framed, 16"x20" $480 Artwork Unframed, 16"x20" $680 Artwork Framed, 18"x18" $550 Artwork Unframed, 18"x18" $750 Artwork Framed, 18"x24" $640 Artwork Unframed, 18"x24" $840 Artwork Framed, 20"x20" $640 Artwork Unframed, 20"x20" $840 Artwork Framed, 20"x30" $900 Artwork Unframed, 20"x30" $1100 Artwork Framed, 24"x24" $860 Artwork Unframed, 24"x24" $1100 Artwork Framed, 24"x30" $1000 Artwork Unframed, 24"x30" $1300 Artwork Framed, 24"x36" $1200 Artwork Unframed, 24"x36" $1500 Artwork Framed, 30"x30" $1200 Artwork Unframed, 30"x30" $1500 Artwork Framed, 30"x40" $1800 Artwork Unframed, 30"x40" $2100 Artwork Framed, 36"x48" $2500 Artwork Unframed, 36"x48" $2800 Artwork Framed, 40"x40" $1800 Artwork Unframed, 40"x40" $2100 Artwork Framed, 48"x48" $2500 Artwork Unframed, 48"x48" $2800 Artwork Framed, 48"x60" $4200 Artwork Unframed, 48"x60" $4500 Artwork Framed, 60"x60" $4200 Artwork Unframed, 60"x60" $4500 Artwork Framed


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