I would like prints but don’t have photos. Do you offer this?

As of December 19th 2020 – YES, I can finally say that I offer artwork reproduction services for artwork larger than 9″x12″


Epson V700 Flatbed Scanner – for artwork up to 9″x12″
Canon EOS R Camera – for artwork larger than 9″x12″, up to 40″x60″

Flatbed Scanning for Art Pricing

$30 per image, which includes Photoshop CS processing and all of your files, sized to print (up to 1200 dpi but usually 360-600 dpi depending on the prints you need). Files are delivered in Google Drive or Dropbox.

Pro Photography for Art Pricing

9″x12″ to 18″x24″: $60 per individual artwork,
Larger than the above, up to 40″x60″: $80 per individual artwork,
More than 5 artworks at once (all sizes): 20% Discount off above pricing

3D objects are photographed indoors under studio lighting conditions. Price includes Photoshop CS post-processing and all of the files you’d need for printing and website use. Prints up to 30″ on the long edge (possibly even larger depending on the output media; canvas hides imperfections, for example) can be made out of the photos I take.