Art Print Services

About Luba & her Epson 9900 Printer

Hi there! I own and operate an amazing printer called an Epson Stylus Pro 9900. It is a 44″ fine art inkjet (“giclee”) printer which prints on rolls up to 40″ wide, but typically I print on 24″ wide rolls. I can also sheet-feed paper into it for artists wanting Limited Edition print runs without the paper curl. Read below for pricing and information!

How long does it take to get my prints?

Turnaround times vary. Here is an example scenario: If the files are already processed and ready to go, if my paper is in stock, if all of my ink is full, and my schedule is relatively clear, I can print, cut, back and bag approximately 12-18 medium sized prints in about 5-7 days of receiving the file.

Each customer is unique and therefore each job is unique. Let’s discuss your project plans and timelines so that you can get your prints on time! Book an appointment to visit me so that we can talk about what is needed to start the project, or Email me at sales @ to discuss your project. Please note that long weekends and weekends do not count towards business days, as most of my material suppliers are closed.

Can I get same-day printing?

It depends on the situation. Time sensitive printing, such as same-day printing, is a case-by-case basis. I have the right to refuse the job if I cannot complete it in a timely manner, with confidence. Extra fees and a rush charge may be incurred. Please call me at (403) 450-1917 or (403) 470-3267 (cell) for rush jobs. I consider rush jobs less than 48 hours/2 business days notice before the deadline (date print is needed). I cannot rush most jobs requiring stretcher bars during a Friday night to Monday morning (weekend/long weekend).

I’m an artist and I need prints for an art show!

If you are an artist needing prints before a major art show, please contact me 4-6 weeks before your show so that we can be prepared well ahead of time. 2 weeks is cutting it close. “Art Show” Rush jobs are on a case-by-case basis, and I have the right to refuse service if I know I cannot complete the work on time, with confidence.

Rush Charge for last minute printing

Rush jobs (less than 48 hours/2 days notice) may incur additional charges at my discretion, typically 2x the labour rate: $60/hour for rush labour plus any additional materials, travel fees, or other miscellaneous costs such as hiring additional people to help finish the job. Be prepared and contact me 5-7 days prior to needing your prints (small batch work such as 1-6 prints), or 4-6 weeks prior to your art show or event. I cannot rush most jobs requiring stretcher bars during a Friday night to Monday morning (weekend/long weekend).

Example of work

Below is a visual example of an Epson Glossy print, 9″x12″. The original artwork was a 9″x12″ oil painting which was scanned at 360 dpi and sized down to fit the paper size. I then signed it on the bottom, backed it with a mat and put it in a clear bag. It is a good example of how I finish work for artists. Ready to be displayed and sold!

Reproduction print of my oil painting “Dia de Muertos Bunnies”. 9″x12″ on Epson Glossy