Covid-19 Update #2: Yes I am open! Just busy!

Are you still closed due to Covid-19 lockdown?

No, I am not closed. Yes, I am open. Please make an appointment before coming in to see me. Mask wearing is required because there are at-risk people in my family. I can provide masks on-site. If you don’t want to wear a mask for ideological reasons, I cannot accept you into my workshop studio. No exceptions – thank you.

What is the wait time for framing?

I’m currently booking 3-4 weeks for completed framing projects. It really depends on the project. Despite the pandemic, I have been quite busy with framing requests.

What is the wait time for printing?

Depends on your project! I can usually still accomodate next day, or close to next day, printing if it is a small job. Larger, multiple-print jobs, or jobs requiring scanning of art and post-processing in Photoshop, require more time (I usually work in the evenings to accomdate these requests). Please contact me for more info!

That’s it for now! Below is my contact form. You can also call me at (403) 450-1917 during normal daytime hours. I usually do not answer the phone past 6:00 pm MST.

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Ljubica Todorovic
Calgary, AB
October 2, 2020