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Thank you for a great 5 years!

We will be closed at this location as of May 14, 2016.

Sketch Art Supplies was a unique artist supplies store and gallery located in the Mount Pleasant area of Calgary’s Northwest. Our business was literally housed in a 1910 starter home. We featured fresh artwork by emerging artists, artist supplies, custom picture framing and fine art printing (including canvas printing). The owner is resident artist Ljubica Todorovic, an Alberta College of Art & Design graduate (BFA Drawing 2006) alumnus.

Sketch is owned and operated by artists and (of course) we are all about creativity. We sell the raw materials you need in order to let your imagination run wild. There is just nothing like spending some quality time with your art materials… imagine that, being able to take a few colors and make them into a piece of artwork! A few scribbles here, some eraser marks there… bit of smudging… and viola! You have just turned a crisp, white sheet of paper into a little piece of art. Flip to the next page in your sketchbook and continue your journey. There is simply nothing like it. At Sketch, we believe that art is for everyone… even if you “can’t even draw a stick-man”. It doesn’t matter… just try it out! You’ll surprise yourself. Remember that the key to success is to make mistakes… and learn from them.

Location & Business Hours

This location is closed as of May 14, 2016.

1713 2 street NW
Calgary, AB T2M 2W4
(403) 450-1917

Free parking behind the house under the evergreen trees.

Bus Route Information

The closest bus stop is 9429, Route #19 West-Bound 16 Avenue (Trans Canada Highway)@2 Street NW. Landmarks include Balmoral School and Vietnam Palace. Click here to perform a manual location search. Type in 1713 2 Street NW to find stops/routes.

Other stops nearby include:

Stop # 9408 East-Bound 16 Avenue @ 2 Street NW (Route 19 & 119)
Stop #9407 East-Bound 16 Avenue @4 Street NW (Route 19 & 119)
Stop #5088 North-Bound 4 Street @ 17 Avenue NW (Route 2)
Stop #5732 West-Bound 16 Avenue @ Center Street North (Route 19 & 119)
Stop #5109 South-Bound 4 Street @ 16 Avenue NW (Route 2 & Route 404)

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